Working on GNOME Music!!

It’s about a month since I first started working with the GNOME Music team. It started when I tried JHBuild, and opened and fixed some bugs on gnome-music. I was then invited by Seif Lotfy to join them on IRC where GNOME’s new music application is being developed.

After working for a month with the GM team, I learned a lot about programming (especially on JavaScript), learned some new libraries (grilo and tracker), improved my bugzilla and git skills and enjoyed hacking with many great GNOME programmers.

Some of the things I worked on are playback, repeat mode and user interface bug fixes, asynchronous loading of album cover art and basic MPRIS implementation. I’m currently working on on-scroll loading of album cover art, fixes for a bug on song titles not properly escaped and a bug on MPRIS when in repeat song mode. I’m also assigned to work on an OpenSUSE Build Service repo (it’s been a week and haven’t worked on that yet XD). Most of the time I spent there are in reviewing patches, nitpicking patches for GJS coding style, and testing patches. This is the first time I worked this much for a GNOME project.

By the way, I really like how gnome-music is being developed through IRC. I could easily ask questions and discuss things to other developers. I’m usually in #gnome-music at during 12:00-14:00 UTC (everyday except Thursday) though it might become 10:00-16:00 UTC depending on what day (those are 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM and 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM on Philippine Standard Time, respectively). I’m also there when I don’t have class while at school :D.

Unfortunately, I can’t go to GUADEC because the application for travel sponsorship is already over when I started working on gnome-music. I don’t have US$1300 (that’s for the plane ticket only!). Maybe next year 😀 (let’s see if I could join GSoC next year…)

To end this post, I would like to thank the following sponsors people who helped me while working on gnome-music:

Seif Lotfy for reviewing and committing my patches. As stated on the first paragraph, he is the one who invited me to join on the development of gnome-music.

Vadim Rutkovsky for reviewing and committing my patches too. He answered a lot of my questions, and gave me a lot of suggestions on how to improve my work flow (something like that hehe…). He also vouched for my GNOME git account! 😀

Fabiano Fidêncio (who reviewed my MPRIS patches), Juan A. Suarez Romero (he helped me on a lot of things about grilo), Ignacio Casal Quinteiro (he helped me on my patches for gobject-introspection related to a gnome-music bug) and Guillaume Quintard (I learned about IRCCloud through him and gave me an invitation for it which greatly helped me) for helping me with many different things (of course, the ones inside the parentheses are just some of those).

Shivani Poddar, Eslam Mostafa and Sai Suman Prayaga. I hope that they will be successful on their OPW/GSoC projects. I was able to work with Shivani on repeat mode and search, which helped me get familiar with the gnome-music sources. I also worked with Eslam a bit and I learned a lot about how Grilo works during that time. And thanks to the three of them for working on my selfish requests!

I’m gonna spend more of my sleeping time for GNOME Music!

(Hm, I might have forgotten to thank someone in here hehe… Anyone who noticed the anime reference on the title? :D)


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