GNOME Music packages for Fedora, openSUSE and Arch

I created a project at openSUSE Build Service so that Fedora, openSUSE and Arch users could use GNOME Music without compiling manually or using JHBuild! The following distributions are supported:

  • Fedora 19
  • openSUSE 12.3 (needs GNOME:STABLE:3.8 repo)
  • openSUSE Tumbleweed
  • openSUSE Factory (is there anyone who use this? XD)
  • Arch Linux

The packages are in which contains gnome-music, grilo and gnome-icon-theme-symbolic from git. Go here for instructions if you don’t know how to add OBS repositories: (no good instructions for Arch Linux, but I think you already know what to do 😉 )

These packages are updated when something important gets committed on the git repository, or when many enhancements are committed. I usually don’t trigger a rebuild for new translations. Ask me on IRC if you want to ask me to trigger rebuilds.

For Fedora Rawhide, you could go to and Arch Linux users could also use too. Ubuntu users could then go to that supports Raring up to the current development release. These repositories are usually updated only during releases or when their maintainers have some time.

There are no Debian packages yet, but Music is tested to work in Debian Sid.

I’ll be adding more repositories next time so that users could install only stable or unstable packages released officially. The git and unstable builds will be available only for openSUSE Factory once the GNOME 3.12 cycle starts since GTK+ 3.8 supported will be removed during that time. Only stable packages with dependencies available for your respective distributions will be supported too.

Thanks to Mathieu Bridon and Yosef Or Boczko for providing the Fedora and Arch packages available in OBS! (I still haven’t uploaded all Arch packages because I’m very busy this week)


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