Regardless of GNOME Music Still in Alpha, We Want to Release It!

And so that day finally came – here is GNOME Music’s first release! It is still unstable though (well, the GNOME 3.10 cycle is still ongoing…). To celebrate this event, I prepared a feast blog post!

GNOME Music is still in Alpha, with Search and Playlists still under development in their respective branches. Also, we still haven’t finished cleaning up album art cache. But it is already usable, in fact it is my default music player since more than two months ago.

Here’s some screenshots to make you switch show our work:

Albums view
Albums view
Screenshot from 2013-08-20 12:12:26
Albums view after selecting an album
Screenshot from 2013-08-20 12:11:49
Artists view
GNOME Music 3.9.90 Alpha
Songs view

The release tarball was created by Seif and Christophe Fergeau uploaded it.

I was really nervous and excited today because of the release. I keep reloading the page for the tarball, waiting for it to be up online. Then when I sent out the announcement (Seif asked me to write and send it, which he checked and modified multiple times), I keep reloading the archives page of gnome-announce-list. I don’t know that that list is a moderated one XD. Once accepted, it should show up here:

Update: Link to the announcement: (“awesome” – hazukashii, hazukashii, hazukashii! wasureru wasureru wasureru!)

I also sent out a request for the gnome-music package I created for openSUSE. I hope they would accept it! (Yes, I kept reloading that one too XD)

Update: See

Thanks to the awesome GNOME Music Team (especially Seif and Vadim, who taught me a lot of things) for a great time working with you during these last three months! Also to the GNOME Design Team (especially Allan Day), and to Mathieu and Yosef for the OBS packages for Fedora and Arch.

Thanks Christophe Fergeau for helping us during the release! 😀

This post is named after my no. 1 favorite anime 😀


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