GNOME Music: The Second Release and Late Announcements

Vadim and Seif were busy with their jobs last Monday, so Vadim asked me to do the release for 3.9.91. I didn’t get enough sleep because of that (first time I went to school with morning and afternoon classes with just an hour of sleep, I enjoyed the experience though XD), and also got busy because I have an exam on this coming Monday, so here’s the late announcement! (Five days later haha…)

I also sent an announcement to GNOME Announce List, but it is not up yet (sent two days after release). This is the first time I did a release, so I was very nervous and it took a lot of time than expected.

I have to check the bugs fixed, list all important changes made in this release, make a list of all contributors this time around, and other things. I spent a lot of time deciding whether this should be alpha or beta (alpha wins) and how I should format the NEWS file, since this is the first time it will be filled. (Yes, I’m an indecisive person. And even the smallest details matter to me.)

I think the second release is the hardest of all releases, second to the first release! This is the first time you have to think about the format of the NEWS file and of the announcement to the GNOME Announcement mailing list, that the next releases will follow.

So here’s the list of most of the changes that were in 3.9.91:

  • All songs will now be loaded in Songs view after switching to it for the first time
  • First song in Songs view will play if Play is executed in MPRIS and there is no current playlist
  • The URIs are now discovered asynchronously, to make loading songs faster
  • An error icon will now show up when the file is deleted
  • The message when no music files are found is now more verbose
  • Fixes for about dialog, license notices and selection mode
  • Two new translations and updates to ten other translations

As you could see, playlists and search are still not in that list yet even though we promised it should be in 3.9.91. They are still in development and seems like they are shaping up nicely – the only problem is if they would be accepted for the freeze breaks.

No screenshots this time – there are no major changes in the UI during this release.

Thanks again to Christophe Fergeau for uploading the packages! And to Giovanni Campagna for giving me some insight on how to write the NEWS file.

Thanks to all the people who contributed in this release! (Just check the announcement on the GNOME Announcement mailing list, soon to be up, because this post is getting too long XD)

Of course, the title is based on a title of an anime 😀


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