GNOME Music Release Candidate for 3.10

Vadim just released the third release, which would be the release candidate for 3.10, last Monday.

Changes on this release are addition of the notification and search features (though searching is actually filtering for this cycle), MPRIS fixes, lots of bug fixes and several added and updated translations.

Playlists didn’t make it this time 😦 (not enough approval for string freeze break, and it is a large feature too late for this cycle).

I already gave some information and screenshots on the two new features, so I won’t explain much anymore. I’ll just add that it is Shivani, Vadim and Seif who worked on search, while it is Eslam, Sai and me who worked on playlists view.

Even if it is in this release, I want to add more info to the playlists view. Eslam worked on the initial code for loading the playlists and did most of the design of the view, Sai is the one who wrote the Add to Playlists dialog and worked on the loading of the view and several fixes to selection mode and playlists view, while all I did was to do cleanups, port some of Eslam’s code to Python and add the missing bits.

You could still use the playlists view if you have gnome-music-preview installed from OBS, or you use the freeze-break (outdated) or preview branches in our GNOME or GitHub git repositories, respectively.

As for MPRIS, I fixed the loading of default playlist (Songs view) which was broken by search and notifications, and fixed closing and thumbnails which was broken before the first unstable release.

Thanks to Juan A. Suarez Romero for helping us out on this release! 😀

Edit: Forgot to say that Add to Playlists now works in all views, Remove from Playlists now working (though it will always remove the first track if you have two or more copies of a single song), and search/filtering now works in Playlists view too.


3 thoughts on “GNOME Music Release Candidate for 3.10”

    1. GNOME Music uses tracker to find your music files, so you have to use tracker-control to rescan your files. Usually, tracker will notice new files, so you don’t have to use tracker-control, but you have to restart gnome-music before the new files will show up (this is a bug but will be fixed probably in 3.12).

      Some sample uses for tracker-control:
      tracker-control --backup FILENAME
      tracker-control --hard-reset
      tracker-control --start
      tracker-control --restore FILENAME

      The first one is for creating a backup of tracker’s database, the next one is for removing the tracker database and stops it, the third one will start tracker and recreate the database if it doesn’t exist. The last one is for restoring the database in case you mess up.

      Note that hard reset will remove all types of files in the database, and recreating it will rescan everything.

      Check the man page of tracker-control for more info.

      1. Thank you very much, this helped me a lot. I had also a problem with an album that I tagged after it was scaned, and the only change I did to it was the artist, from L’Arc~en~Ciel to L’Arc〜en〜Ciel to match other albums and tracker just ignored it. GNOME Music was showing this as a different artist. 😛

        Thanks again.

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