GNOME Music 3.12

Six days ago, GNOME Music 3.12 was released. The main feature of this release is Playlists, with lots of bug fixes and translation updates.

For Fedora 20 users, you could get the latest version from GNOME Music’s stable COPR repository or Richard Hughes’s Fedora 20 GNOME 3.12 COPR repository. Continue reading GNOME Music 3.12


It’s been a while

I was very busy during the last 6 months, so I wasn’t able to contribute much in GNOME Music.

I am planning to go back on coding for GNOME though after my final exams are over (which is until Thursday). I will probably start working on porting libgd widgets to GTK+ widgets and port loading of media art to use libmediaart. Continue reading It’s been a while