It’s been a while

I was very busy during the last 6 months, so I wasn’t able to contribute much in GNOME Music.

I am planning to go back on coding for GNOME though after my final exams are over (which is until Thursday). I will probably start working on porting libgd widgets to GTK+ widgets and port loading of media art to use libmediaart.

I might update the OBS repository too after the release of GNOME Music 3.12 if I have some time.

But I should cleanup the files in my desktop first, which is full of videos, e-books and other stuff. I have to rebuild my JHBuild too, which I haven’t touched since the release of GNOME 3.10.

By the way, I also applied in GSoC 2014 and I hope I will be accepted. I’ll be working on Advanced Search and Remote Resources with Sai, who also applied.

The Search feature has been in our to-do list since GNOME 3.10, but it turns out that it is more complicated than we thought it would be, so a simple filtering was implemented and we will work on it again on the GNOME 3.14 cycle.


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