GNOME Music 3.12

Six days ago, GNOME Music 3.12 was released. The main feature of this release is Playlists, with lots of bug fixes and translation updates.

For Fedora 20 users, you could get the latest version from GNOME Music’s stable COPR repository or Richard Hughes’s Fedora 20 GNOME 3.12 COPR repository.

I still haven’t updated the OBS repository so no packages for openSUSE and Arch for now. If you’re in Fedora, you should remove the OBS repository and use the COPR repository I created instead; it is easier to update for me which means you’ll get packages faster than openSUSE and Arch users.

With 3.12 now released, we have started working on 3.14. I’m currently rebasing the advance search branch and porting to use libmediaart.

Do you have a specific feature you would like to see in gnome-music 3.14? Let me know about it in the comments, or create a bug report in bugzilla.


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