Google Summer of Code 2014

gsoc-logo-2014-600x540I have been accepted in Google Summer of Code 2014! (A late announcement since it was actually last week.) I’ll be working on Music application of GNOME.

My project is about Advance Search and Remote Resources in GNOME Music. The abstract is here, and I created a page for it in the GNOME Wiki here. I’ll give more details about it on a separate post in the near future.

Since it’s a large project, I’ll be working on it with Sai Suman Prayaga. Our mentor is Vadim Rutkovsky. A great way to spend my four months Summer Vacation.

I didn’t blogged about it because I was very busy working on some important things I need for GSoC last week, like fixing my blog for it to be added to Planet GNOME, making a hackergotchi, creating a Payoneer account for my bank account (which has an inactivity warning with a deadline last week too! So I have to go to a branch nearby even though I have an exam during that day), and a lot of other stuff…

By the way, my blog just got added yesterday to Planet GNOME, which I am reading everyday since last year. Never thought that it will become part of it one day! I created a separate category for it so that my posts about anime and other topics will not show up there.

Thanks to GNOME for accepting my proposal, and to Google for this wonderful program!


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