GNOME Music 3.12.2

Last Monday, another release was made in the GNOME 3.12 branch in Music.

Style fixes to Music 3.13.1 in Add to Playlists dialog were added to Music 3.12.2 to be consistent with other apps using list boxes. The bug for the notifications not showing up if media art is not found was also fixed.

Filters were added to the queries to hide playlists and certain types of videos that also gets parsed as songs by grilo. Also, Music will now only show songs from your Music and Downloads directory.

The other fixes are for bugs that causes crashes.

As usual, if you use Fedora 20, you could get the update from the GNOME 3.12 COPR repository or my repository (package is also from the former but could be installed even if you only have GNOME 3.10).


8 thoughts on “GNOME Music 3.12.2”

      1. Music is stored in ~/Music/ and I’m using gnome-music for rhughes repo:
        Name : gnome-music
        Arch : x86_64
        Version :
        Release : 1.fc20
        Size : 1.3 M
        Repo : installed
        From repo : rhughes-f20-gnome-3-12-x86_64

        This happens in 2 laptops I have access to.

    1. Hm, I also asked Vadim and he said he’s using it and it works fine. Could you please submit a bug report on bugzilla with the output of “gnome-music -d” when ran in a terminal?

      Or go to our IRC channel (#gnome-music channel at or and ask there, fixing it would be a lot faster that way.

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