GNOME Music 3.13.2 Released!

The player bar now uses up all horizontal space
The player bar now uses up all horizontal space

I’ve been quite busy for the last two weeks, so this post is really late. But because this release contains most of what I worked on for Google Summer of Code last month, I created a post anyway.

First, Search was rewritten. I already blogged about in another post. Nothing changed before the release aside from some bug fixes.

The player bar now uses all horizontal space available, which I based on new mockups for playback buffer by Jakub Steiner (except that it still has the repeat/shuffle menu). With this, the song title and album song has more space, and it will no longer just show an ellipsis when the window is small.

Updating of views is further refined, so it will not interfere when in selection mode. Tooltips were added to the buttons. Right-clicking songs inside albums in Albums view now starts selection mode. Albums list in Artists view are now insensitive when in selection mode.

Queries are updated so that Playlist files will no longer show up in Songs view, and (just like in Music 3.12.2) only files inside Music and Downloads directories in your Home directory will be displayed.

The notifications now show a symbolic icon (just like in Albums view) instead of just leaving it blank if the song has no album art available. Lastly, support for UPnP/DLNA was added, though I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t give details about it.

I’ve worked on Playlists this week, and I’ll post about it soon.


8 thoughts on “GNOME Music 3.13.2 Released!”

    1. > Can you create smart playlist using Music?
      No, Vadim is currently working on it.

      > Can Gnome Music import and auto-organize music files?
      No, but it is in our TODO list. We will implement it this cycle if we have enough time (as part of our GSoC projects).

    1. I ask my mentor about syncing and he said it is a nice idea, so we will probably include syncing with Android. We will probably work on it along importing from media (which will be implemented this cycle if we have enough time), since they are related. No mockups for syncing yet though.

      Not sure about Android playlists though, I’ll check grilo to see if we could also do that.

  1. @kyoushuu,

    Great job adding upnp support.
    Sadly I couldn’t test it, something is wrong with libmediaart on Arch.

    If you’re open to suggestions then I would like to request an option to download albums (and maybe also the playlist listing) from remotes.

    For example I’ve got a headless music client running XBMC with attached storage that contains music albums, and which I control via webgui (Chorus) and Android remotes (Yatse, Music Pump).
    As my main laptop is a Acer C720 Chromebook with small SSD drive I don’t keep a copy of my music archive and instead I stream it by using XBMC upnp serving capabilities and play with an upnp client on my laptop or the webgui’s html5 player.
    It would be nice to be able to download albums to play when no internet connection available and I can’t connect remotely to my headless server.

    Regarding syncing music to Android you might want to look at “Music Pump XBMC Remote for Android” which is doing great job at downloading albums and playlists from XBMC “server” to Android.
    I’m not sure if this is what you want to achieve and how but if I would think about implementing such feature in Gnome-Music (and I’m not a developer) then maybe it would be best to add a standard upnp serving capabilities thus any Android client that supports upnp would be able to implement a syncing feature that stay withing the defenitions of the upnp protocol.

    1. The current UPnP code was added by my mentor, Vadim Rutkovsky. I’ll tell him about it next time, maybe we could add those. Or maybe Sai could work on it too, I’m not familiar with Ampache, which is what Sai is working on, but it could be related to those.

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