Moved to a New Domain

wordpress+openshiftLast, last week, I’ve started moving my blog from to OpenShift. I’ve bought a new domain in Namecheap using my first payment from Google Summer of Code. My blog is now hosted at

Moving out of allowed me to customize my blog without buying the costly upgrades there. I enjoyed customizing a blog about anime that me and my friends are building (still under construction), and wanted to customize my blog too.

I really wanted to buy my domain since a few years ago, and I have used several free subdomains and domains for my website until I decided to just use my blog.

OpenShift is really fast compared to all free web hosting I tried before (even with a single small gear, free accounts have 3 small gears), so it could probably host my blog for now while I don’t have money to pay for hosting.

I’ve been trying out several technologies available there since May. I’ll blog about those when I have time.

Unfortunately, their paid plans are not available in the Philippines, so I can’t upgrade to Bronze plan which would allow me to use SSL with my custom domain (which would be free unless I use more than 3 small gears).


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